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What is Plant-Based Coffee?

The strong aroma of coffee beans and the first dose of caffeine- doesn’t it sound like the perfect start to the day? 

Espressos, Americanos, and Lattes are some all-time favourites. Some prefer a cold brew while others like a hot brew. Some people prefer it sweet and some don’t. 

But are you aware of plant-based coffee? If you have plant-based food delivery available near your place, you may have come across plant-based coffee. 

But what does plant-based coffee mean? Isn’t the term ironic? We break it down for you below.

What is Plant-Based Coffee?

Coffee itself is vegan since it comes from a plant. But when we hear about plant-based coffee, it’s not just the beans that are being referred to. It refers to coffee as a drink with other ingredients – typically milk and whipped cream.

In a plant-based coffee, only vegan milk and creams are used. These milk-based products are lactose-free. Instead of using regular milk, people are now looking to plant-based options – oat milk, almond milk, coconut milk, soy milk –  in hopes of a healthier and more environment-friendly lifestyle. 

Who Should Drink Plant-Based Coffee?

There are many reasons to swap your regular coffee with plant-based coffee. People with lactose intolerance suffer nausea, blotting abdominal pain, and even diarrhoea when they drink coffee with dairy. Plant-based coffee is their best option to keep up their relations with coffee.

Those who have a milk allergy, are concerned about inflammation, have colitis or inflammatory bowel system, or don’t like the flavour of animal milk can try vegan milk alternatives and enjoy plant-based coffee.

But plant-based coffee isn’t just helpful to those with medical conditions that limit dairy consumption. 

Studies have shown that non-vegetarians have twice the carbon footprint compared to vegetarians and vegans. Non-vegetarians contribute more to climate change, ecological imbalance, natural disasters, global food insecurity, biodiversity loss, and social & economic concerns. 

What Are the Benefits of Plant-Based Milk?

We grew up knowing that milk is an important nutrient beverage. The concept of vegan milk was not around the corner then. But does plant-based milk have the same benefits?

Here is what studies have proved:

  • In terms of protein, the most abundant sources are soy and pea milk.
  • These two options are the least caloric: coconut and almond milk.
  • Carbohydrate content is higher in oat and rice milk.
  • The most natural sugars are found in cow’s milk.

Besides, vegan milk is known to be rich in vitamins and minerals. Most plant-based milks are low in fat, cholesterol-free, and include a healthy blend of mono- and polyunsaturated fats. 

So, when you sip from a cup of coffee made with any plant milk, you get tons of health benefits at the same time. 

Quick Plant-Based/Vegan Coffee Recipes to Try at Home

While black coffee is vegan, other coffee beverages like cafe au lait, cappuccino, and others are not, at least not always. 

Even though many coffee shops now employ milk substitutes, you’ll often pay a premium to drink coffee with them. You may cut costs and control what goes into your mug by making your own.

Here are four easy vegan coffee recipes you can try at home:

Vegan Gingerbread Latte

Grated ginger and blackstrap molasses give this holiday latte a wonderful flavor. For a strong drink that will become your new go-to mid-afternoon pick-me-up, use 2 shots of real espresso or 2 tablespoons of instant espresso powder. 

Adding a dash of cinnamon and almond milk to the fragrant coffee gives it a layer of flavor and smoothness. You can lighten the beverage by adding a dollop of full-fat coconut milk, oat milk, or any creamy non-dairy substitute to the mix. Top with a vegan whipped cream, and savor!

Vegan Irish Coffee

This vegan version of the Irish coffee cocktail is a great way to enjoy your morning cup of joe. Take a break from your regular Americano or Cappuccino. 

Vegan whipped topping can be used in place of whipped cream to make the beverage, but the star ingredient Irish whiskey is still used since it’s vegan. This 5-minute coffee is ideal for cold nights and is the perfect way to cap a festive supper.

Vegan Latte

While this simple latte recipe can be prepared with any vegan milk, it’s best to use oat milk since it froths easily.

Simply prepare your favorite coffee in your coffee maker. Add sugar if you want to. Next, pour your plant-based milk into a small pot on medium heat. Heat it up until the milk begins to steam. Alternatively, you can put the milk in a mug and heat it for 45 seconds in a microwave.

Grab your wire whisk and whisk the milk vigorously until there’s foam on the top. Finally, use a spoon to hold the foam back, and pour your coffee and milk into your mug. 

Vegan Iced Coffee

With some ice and instant espresso powder, you’ll soon be sipping on an excellent iced coffee within 2 minutes. 

Pour boiling water from the kettle into a jug, add your instant espresso powder, stir in some vegan condensed milk and mix it all. Add ice to your glass and pour it over the ice cubes. 


Replacing your regular coffee with plant-based coffee is not a big deal. You don’t have to compromise with the taste. You can make it at home with vegan milk. 

Besides relying on apps for plant-based food delivery, you can order your plant-based coffee from our online coffee cafe in Dubai. With several vegan coffee options, you get no excuse to sway from your vegan diet!