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Best Healthy Meal Delivery Services In Dubai To Try

If you are a working professional and plan on going on a diet, then arranging diet food can get daunting at times. That is why food delivery services in Dubai can be a healthful, long-term, and cost-effective option. 

Per meal delivery or monthly dietary meal plans are now available all over Dubai for working professionals. As a result, monthly food delivery services in Dubai will assist you with sticking to a specific calorie limit or budget. 

A full three-course meal for lunch and dinners and keto-friendly snacks and breakfast can be planned out of healthy ingredients and delivered to your doorstep! Professional chefs make such cuisine under the supervision of expert nutritionists in most of these businesses, taking care of everyone’s taste buds and dietary requirements by customizing menus. 

However, picking the right one might be tough with a pool of alternatives. Thus, to help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the best healthy meal delivery services in Dubai to try. So read on to find your perfect health match!

  1. Soul Santé 

Soul Santé is a paradise for health-conscious people, peacefully hidden away in Dubai Marina. They help you stick with your diet goals by serving healthy meals that don’t skimp on flavor in a relaxing setting and thus strive to help you become the best version of yourself. 

Soul Santé serves Californian cuisine with restaurant-style service. Drive through for a low-calorie breakfast, a nutritious dinner, or a special lunch. You can also enjoy delicious plant-based food delivery as they support the budding vegan Dubai

And if you don’t know where to start and how to go about it, then Soul Santé’s dieticians will help you embark on your dietary journey smoothly with a personalized diet that is easy to adapt and stands up to your unique health requirements. 

Soul Santé also believes in delivering its customers with the highest quality to their doorsteps. Hence, you can also avail their monthly food delivery services in Dubai!

  1. Beast Mode Nutrition 

Beast Mode Nutrition is a food chain with outlets in several areas in Dubai and a “Deliveroo” delivery service. They usually have two menu options, namely burn and beast, which can be customized as per needs like vegan, ketogenic, lactose-free, etc. 

The Burn Menu is a low-calorie option for people who wish to lose weight and shed unhealthy fat. The meals total under 1600 cal a day to maintain the calorie deficit. On the other hand, for those aiming to gain significant muscles, the Beast Menu serves high-calorie food dense in nutrients. 

  1. Kcal Extra 

Kcal Extra has curated its menu with various meal plans for weight loss and management and gaining muscles. Of course, the calories you intake daily will depend on the plan you wish to go forward with. 

You can change a dish anytime from their wide array of options if you do not like the taste by contacting the account manager. In addition, they provide doorstep monthly food delivery in Dubai for all three meals. 

  1. RightBite

RightBite stands amongst the city’s oldest meal plan and food delivery services. They offer various best meal plans for Dubai — weight reduction, healthy dieting, low carb, etc. 

You can curate your meal plans online by going through the menu and then fixing an appointment with their dieticians for customization. The meal plan starts at AED 110 per day, including breakfast, lunch, supper, snacks, and sides with the two main meals. 

  1. My SixPak

My SixPak is a delivery outlet that makes healthy meal plans in Dubai based on different categories of mind, like health objectives, body requirements, and even gender. 

For example, women’s meal plans include Curve Up and Tone Up, while for men, their plans are Lean Up and Bulk Up. Each one has a different calorie intake, ranging from 1000 calories to 3000 calories; hence it is advised to choose wisely. 

The meal plans are diverse, with dairy-free, Paleo, gluten-free, and intolerances as some options. The plan starts from AED 173 for five meals and a glass of juice. 

  1. Iheartfoodae

Iheartfoodae offers four meal ideas for losing weight, muscle gain, good nutrition, and a nutritious dinner-only choice. These programs are easier to customize in terms of the number of days and meals you wish to follow the plan for. The plans start at a pocket-friendly price of AED 64.


No doubt finding the perfect monthly food delivery services in Dubai can seem overwhelming considering the plenty of choices we’ve provided. The best way to try these different options and finalize the one that suits your requirements and, of course, taste the most. 

Whether starting a vegan, keto, or simply health-conscious journey, having the right resources and help can make a huge difference. Soul Santé’s nutrition experts aid you throughout this journey. From planning the right meals for you to providing home-delivered packages, Soul Santé is indeed a food paradise in Dubai.